RF Microneedling

Utilising radiofrequency energy to promote collagen production






30 Minutes




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What is Gentlo RF Microneedling and how does it work?

RF Microneedling combines 2 vastly popular treatments, medical microneedlng with the power of radio frequency, each tip delivers radio frequency energy to varying depths within the skin, to rebuild collagen and restructure the skin, for more even, tighter, glowing skin.

Fractional Radio frequency stimulates new collagen production, without completely removing the top layer of the skin, meaning minimal downtime, it is completely safe on all skin types and colours. It has the ability to tighten the skin, remove photo aging (discoloration) treat acne scaring, active acne and unwanted fat or stretch marks.

What areas can be treated with Gentlo?

All areas including face, neck and chest Aging skin, fine lines and lax skin around the eyes and mouth. The jawline and neck and double chin. The treatment can be adapted to remodel your skin making it more youthful, improve skin quality tone and texture. You can target fat, treat acne scars, surgical scars and stretch marks, all over the body.

Is the treatment painful?

Topical Anaesthetic can be applied before the treatment to ensure it is comfortable, however is isn’t always required.

Benefits of Gentlo:

  • Gentlo has 5 treatment technologies which can be tailored to your specific concerns.
  • RF Microneedling for a deeper, minimally invasive treatment which requires less visits to the clinic.
  • RF Circle which Is a relaxing weekly treatment that stimulates collagen in the dermis.
  • Plasma to sterilize the skin, treat active acne and infuse products into the skin without needles.
  • RF Needle to treat sebaceous cysts
  • RF Vaginal for feminine rejuvenation to reduce urinary incontinence, reduce vaginal laxity, improve vaginal dryness.

How long does it take to recover after treatment?

You may experience transient erythema on the treated area for 3-4 hours initially, the redness should resolve and disappear, occasionally the skin may feel like it has small crystals to touch do not be concerned, this is a normal wound heling response and the skin will heal naturally.

Are there any precautions after treatment?

Avoid cleansing until after the erythema has resolved, cleanse you skin with Luke warm water and dab or pat lightly with a soft towel. Avoid hot water, An SPF 50 should be applied every day to protect your skin from the sun. treatments can be performed all year round; however, we would recommend avoiding severe sun exposure after the treatment (sun bathing, holiday abroad within 4 weeks of treatment).


1 treatment will usually take a maximum of 30 minutes, an improvement in skin texture can be seen within 1 week and the full results after 4-6 week. Depending on your concerns 1-3 treatments is usually recommended at least 6 weeks apart. A topical anaesthetic can be used before the procedure.

RV | RF-Venus – RF Monopolar Vaginal – Specialist Vaginal Treatment

Gentlo’s Venus hand piece has a curved design, treatments are comfortable and convenient, radiofrequency energy heats the vaginal canal for Non-invasive, non-ablative, non-surgical rejuvenation without any anaesthesia or downtime required.

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