LIP Enhancements

Sculpting the lips to boost volume and definition




Last 3-6 Months +


30 Minutes




From £190

Enhance Lip Shape & Increase Volume

At Clarity Cosmetics we use premium dermal fillers to carry out lip filler treatments.

We pride ourselves on creating natural looking results with increased volume and definition for a plump, youthful pout. The beauty of classy, subtle lip fillers means that you can enjoy the lips you’ve always wanted without the obvious “over-filled” look. No one even needs to know you’ve had your lips enhanced! 


Every client will want a different look and a good practitioner will always listen to your preference, assess your current lip shape and discuss with you what can be achieved. Whether you want a subtle enhancement or dramatic volume, Clarity Cosmetics can help you figure out how to achieve the look.

What happens during treatment?

During your consultation, we’ll first get to know you and your treatment goals. When it comes to lip fillers we do not take a one size fits all approach. 

We apply a strong numbing cream to your lips to help alleviate some discomfort. Dermal filler is injected into the body and border of the lips to create your desired look. Results are instant but some swelling is common. The lip fillers are hyaluronic acid, a natural substance found in the human body. It stimulates the production of the connective tissue that plumps the skin.

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