Cryotherapy treatment refers to the removal of skin lesions using freezing liquid nitrogen


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30 Minutes




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What is Cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy is a non-surgical technique used to remove a variety of skin lesions. Liquid nitrogen is used to freeze the lesion so the skin cells die and fall off. The treatment involves a liquid spray being applied locally with the duration of treatment depending on the size and type lesion. Following treatment a scab may form and eventually drop off.

Who is Cryotherapy suitable for?

Cryotherapy is suitable for patients with unwanted warts or other skin lesions on many different parts of the body. The treatment is suitable for all individuals over 18 years of age except those with heart conditions. 

Cryotherapy is a good option for those with facial lesions, as risk of scarring is very minimal compared to other methods of lesion removal.

Treatment of Lesions:

Skin tags | Warts | Verrucas | Age spots | Sun spots | Liver spots | Plantar warts (found on the sole of the  foot and toes) | Plane warts (found on face, hands and shins) | Filiform warts (found on the face ) | Actinic Keratoses | Seborrheic keratosis

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