Anti-wrinkle Treatment

Injections to reduce fine lines and wrinkles




Last 3-4 Months


30 Minutes




From £170

What are Anti-wrinkle Injections?

The injections are are a prescription-only medicine which cannot be named under UK regulations but you’ll be familiar with a well known brand name! It is a muscle relaxant medicine which partially blocks the chemical at the end of nerves so that excessive contractions of the muscle are reduced. This means the skin on top of that muscle contracts less and is therefore less wrinkled. The treatment is temporary because the effects wear off over time.


Typically, results can be seen 2-4 days after your anti-wrinkle treatment. You will be able to see the results for around 3-4 months. For continued results, regular treatments are advised.

Treatment Areas:

Glabellar Area | Frown Lines | Forehead Lines | Crows Feet | Brow Lift (for arched brows) | Bunny Lines | Gummy Smile | Pebbled/ Upturned Chin | Smokers Lines | Downturned Corners of Mouth | Jawline Slimming | Reduce teeth grinding | Neck Lift | Underarm sweat reduction

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